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Application Form

請填寫姓名。Please provide your name.
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請選擇教育程度 Please select a Current Study / Academic Qualification.
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目的 Purpose
Chinese Estates Holdings Limited (the "Company") collect personal data for the purpose of the job providers’ recruitment and selection and appointment booking for recruitment related activities. Once the data subject is employed, information collected will be used for other employment-related issues. These may include but not limit to, provision of remuneration and benefits, manpower planning, administration and communication, etc. The provision of all the personal data requested in this form is obligatory, except those items marked as optional. Application may not be processed further if the Applicants fail to provide all information as requested.

資料使用 Data User
Only authorized personnel can access and use the data for employment-related activities.

個人資料的轉移 Transfer of Personal Data
Personal data collected by the Company will be transferred to the job providers, and upon confirmation of offer, may be transferred and shared among the employer’s holdings, subsidiary, associate and joint-venture companies. It may be disclosed to the employer’s service providers and other third parties in Hong Kong and elsewhere who have a duty of confidentiality to the employer, e.g. departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, external auditors, trustees, insurance companies, actuaries and any consultants / agents appointed by the employer to provide and administer employee benefits, etc.

資料儲存 Retention of Data
Personal Data of unsuccessful applicants will be kept for a period of six months and be destroyed afterwards.

資料查閱及更改 Data Access and Correction
申請人須確保提供的資料準確。申請人如要查閱或更正本公司保存的個人資料,可向本公司人力資源部經理提出,地址為香港銅鑼灣告士打道311號皇室大廈安達人壽大樓21 樓華人置業集團。任何更改請於更改項目生效日之七天內通知人力資源部。
Applicants are responsible for updating personal data provided to the Company. Applicants may make a request to access or correct their personal data held by the Company. Any such request should be made to Human Resources Manager of Chinese Estates Holdings Limited at 21th Floor, Chubb Tower, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Any change should be made to Human Resources Department within 7 days after the change has taken effect.

請閱讀個人資料收集聲明。 You must agree with the Personal Information Collection Statement.
請確認並非身處歐盟國家。Please confirm that you are not in EU countries.
請輸入顯示的文字。 Please fill in the words shown.